How to set up a Hotmail/Outlook Email Account?

Today we are going to discuss how to set up a Hotmail/Outlook email account. Having an email account is vitally important to make the most out of the internet. To get started, you need to use the keyboard and type into the address bar at the top of the page. Then press the Enter key or just type Hotmail/Outlook and press CTRL Enter. This will now bring you to the Hotmail/Outlook page.

To register for a Hotmail account, you need to left-click on the sign-up option which is near the bottom of the page. This now brings you on to the “Create your Outlook account” page. There are several boxes here to fill in on your screen which looks like this. The first box asks you to type in the Hotmail/Outlook address that you would like.

This will be the name you used to access the account once you come back in the future to so you will need to choose something you can remember. Now to enter the text you need to point your cursor at the top of the box you want to complete.

Then using your left mouse button, click into the box, and using the keyboard type in your details. If you make a mistake don’t worry because you can use the backspace key to make any amendments. This is also going to be your email address which will be seen by anyone you send messages to so please think carefully.

Most people start by using their name, so for this example, we’ll use Harry Potter. We then need to press ‘Check availability’, and you can see here that unfortunately, that isn’t available, however, it has prompted some suggestions. So, if we click on that email address, making a note of which address it is for future reference, that is now complete.

Having a password that is hard to guess but easy to remember is very important. You can use a mixture of symbols, numbers, and even capital letters. You will need your password every time you log into your Hotmail login account/Outlook account, Outlook will show you on the right-hand side- how strong your password is. And to confirm you’ve typed it correctly you’re required to type it in twice. You can click into the box by using the left mouse button, and the keyboard to type the letters in.

At this point, Hotmail/Outlook asks if you have an alternative email address. If you do, they can send you instructions to help if you have problems. But don’t worry if you don’t have another email address, just ignore that box and click your left mouse button, where it says choose a security question for a password reset.

You’ll see the screen now change and you can choose which question you want them to ask, to help remember your password in the future To select the question, you need to left-click on the drop-down box and then choose the question.

Use the keyboard to type your answer, making sure it’s spelled correctly because it needs to be an exact match, if Hotmail/Outlook is to help in the future, it’s now just a case of systematically going through, and filling in the details which are relevant to you. So, your first and last name, your country or region, your postcode, your gender, and the date of birth.

Once that is done you then need to do a word verification, this is so know it’s a human filling in the form, rather than a computer so move your cursor over to the box and click your left mouse button and with your keyboard type the letters you see above. If you’re having problems seeing the images you can click audio.

Finally, to get a Hotmail/Outlook email account you must accept the Microsoft service agreement and privacy agreement. It’s a good idea to have a quick read of these so you understand what you’re agreeing to. They’re not shown on the screen immediately. To see these, all you need to do is point your cursor over the blue words, and click your left mouse button once, and then they will appear. And if you’re happy with everything move your cursor over the ‘I accept’ button, left click and your email account will now be created.

Congratulations, you’ve now created your Hotmail/Outlook account. You should have one new message welcoming you to Hotmail/Outlook, so if you move your cursor over to the word inbox, click the left mouse button once it will take you to your messages.

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